Iron Maidens Submission Guidelines

(please also see the Frequently Asked Questions page)

1. No characters are to be victims of sexual violence of any kind within your story. This rule is absolute.

2. Every story needs to focus primarily on women characters. Male characters are perfectly acceptable, even as point of view characters, so long as they aren’t the main the focus of the story.

3. Submissions must not exceed 7,500 words. There is no minimum length for a submission (be warned that flash work will be held to high standards)

4. Your submission should follow a proper manuscript format in most ways but please Italicize rather than Underline.

5. All submissions should be .rtf files and included as attachments to your email. Stories placed in the body of the email will remain unread.

6. A short letter can be included in the body of the email introducing yourself and providing a list of previously published work. Please keep it concise.

7. Previously published stories will be accepted (though first run may be given preference) but please be mindful of release dates.

8. All forms of fantasy welcome! Epic, dark, urban, etc. If the story is urban fantasy please be sure that the focus is on fantasy, not horror (e.g. Faeries rather than vampires or werewolves, goblins or orcs rather than demons, unicorns or griffons rather than zombies) Each subgenre will be given an equal amount of space within the anthology.

9. No simultaneous submissions. If your first story is rejected before the submission cut-off date then you may submit another story but please no more than two stories and be aware that there is no guarantee that your story will be reviewed before the submissions close.

10. Submissions open  March 24th, 2012 and run through September 22nd, 2012. Any submissions sent before or after the cut-off date will be rejected.

11. Allow one to two months response time.

12. Send all submissions to Please title all emails “Submissions – [title], [author name], [word count]”  If you have a question please title the email “Query – ” but please visit the FAQ page to see if your question is answered there before inquiring.


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