We’ve got news!

After spreading the news at Norwescon last weekend and over the last couple weeks I figured it would be worth it to just tell everyone what’s going on.

First of all, we’re open for submissions! It’s been very exciting to see all the support this project has garnered. I cannot tell you how happy this makes me!

Speaking of support, three authors have agreed to donate a story to the collection. Phil Brucato, J.A. Pitts. and Moira J. Moore!

Phil Brucato has been a professional writer for more than two decades. He’s worked in gaming, as a journalist and published countless short stories. For more information you can visit his Facebook Group and see what he’s up to.

J. A. Pitts is the author of Sarah Beauhall novels and has had short fiction published in many different locations. To learn more about him you can check out his website.

Moira J. Moore is the mastermind behind the Heroes series and the author of a wide variety of short stories. She has more information at her website if you’re curious to see what she’s working on.

If you were looking forward to the anthology before I hope this will only sharpen your interest as it has mine! With any luck I will have more information soon so keep stopping by.


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